45-year Anniversary Deals: Save on most Motorola smartphones including Moto Z2 Play and Moto G5S Plus

If you’re hunting for a new smartphone, Motorola has made your decision easy. In celebration of its 45th anniversary, the Lenovo brand is hosting a variety of deals most notably on its latest smartphones.

Motorola is dropping prices on some of its latest Android smartphones. We say latest because the company has not yet released its Android-powered collection for 2018. The company has been struggling lately in its mobile division despite having good offerings, and has been forced to restructure and hire a new President. We’re however, expecting new phones very soon, as in later this month. We’ve seen leaks of new flagship smartphones, a possible Moto E successor, a Moto X5, and new Moto G6 models. These deals might be to clear some stock.

The biggest sales are on the company’s mid-range phones, which have remained some of the best out there for their price. These include Moto Z2 Play, Moto X4 and Moto G5S Plus in the United States. Moto Z2 Play is part of the company’s premium Moto Z line compatible with Moto Mods and features mostly upper mid-range specifications. The device offers exceptional value for your buck, even more so because it’s being offered at $349. This is $150 less than usual. The Moto X4 is the brand’s revival of the long-time Moto X Series, but in mid-range form with a unique design that pushes the boundaries for mid-range. This device came out in 2017 and costs $100 less right now at $299. The king of Motorola’s mid-range G lineup as it stands, Moto G5S Plus, is being offered at $249 which includes 64GB of storage space. These are all great deals.

There are some smaller deals as well including $40 off the Moto E4 Plus and 25% off most Moto Mods. As a reminder, you have to buy through Motorola’s online store or over the phone to be eligible for any discount. All are unlocked, contract-free and ready to work on most US carriers. Most ship free of charge and include a warranty.

For all the deals, head over to Motorola’s store linked below. Don’t wait too long because these sweet deals won’t last forever.

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