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Carrier News

Verizon is no longer activating 3G phones

July 18, 2018 Doug Demagistris

According to a report, Verizon will be the first US carrier to shut down its 3G cellular network. The network will clearly be replaced by 4G LTE as well as 5G once it arrives. This is said to happen at the end of 2019, so there is still time to upgrade from your 3G smartphone.

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Mix and match three unlimited plans at Verizon

June 19, 2018 Doug Demagistris

Verizon Wireless is doing something interesting with its unlimited plans for families. As of Monday afternoon, the carrier added a new “Above Unlimited” data plan that can be mixed and matched with the existing Go and Beyond plans. Everyone is eligible.

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T-Mobile and Sprint are merging to be a front-runner in the 5G era, here’s our take

May 3, 2018 Droid Turf

T-Mobile and Sprint have officially announced their merger to form a single company which will be named T-Mobile, resulting in a $146 billion valued company with more than 200,000 people employed. Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile parent) will have 42% of the ownership, while SoftBank (Sprint parent) will have 27%.

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Verizon CEO gives a glimpse of the future

March 26, 2018 Kaushik Boggarapu

If you’ve been following our daily postings on Droid Turf, you’re aware of the heated race for 5G establishment in the US. With 5G networks, carriers are looking to not only improve internet connectivity speeds, but also the many things that make up the IoT universe. Verizon is among those preparing a 5G release, and has plans to deploy 5G in the US during 2018 for select cities.

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Here are the cities that will first support Sprint 5G

February 28, 2018 Kaushik Boggarapu

Recently we got the news of AT&T planning its 5G release by the end of 2018. Now we have the news of Sprint planning its 5G release, which will begin in the first half of 2019. Interestingly, Sprint has listed the same cities as AT&T, of which will be the first to support 5G service. These are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

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This could be the year you experience 5G

February 26, 2018 Kaushik Boggarapu

AT&T has published a blog post stating plans to introduce its 5G network in a dozen US cities by the end of 2018. They also revealed which of the twelve will be the first three to gain support, which are Dallas, Atlanta and Waco (Texas). The remaining eight will join in the months following, with more gaining access next year.

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