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Past contributors to Droid Turf include Orko Sinha, Jess Edwards, Elaine Villa, Chris Ricci, Utkarsh Kaushik, Reema Koul, Rhys Williams, Kenn Kariuki, William Powell, Brian Magsipoc, Excel Mae Medina, Aniket Sovani, Efosa & Abhishek Jariwala. Read their articles under the author ‘Droid Turf.’

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About Doug Demagistris 1007 Articles
Doug Demagistris is the Founder and current Editor In Chief of Droid Turf. He grew up in New York and now attends Bryant University where he is studying marketing and communication. He has been and always will be a Google enthusiast thanks to Android’s customization, flat design and exceptional integration with Google Services. Currently, Doug uses a Pixel XL as his daily driver for its unique design, powerful hardware, exceptional camera, and useful features. For shorter instances, he'll glance at his Huawei Watch. Doug is hopeful his productivity will make lives easier, more meaningful and help down the road.
About Droid Turf 299 Articles
Droid Turf | Extensive coverage of the Android Ecosystem including the latest Google Android News, Devices, Apps, Deals, Comparisons & Opinion
About David Steele 183 Articles
David has been using smartphones since the start of the industry but found his home with Android back in 2011 using an early Dell Stream device. Today, he uses the Nexus 5X and Sony Xperia Z Tablet as primary devices, but you'll also see him with his coffee cup and Chromebook.
About Deidre Richardson 96 Articles
Deidre Richardson is a columnist who's covered Samsung extensively for the past two years but had her start covering Apple and Google news. She's covered tech news across the board but has been consumed with writing thought-provoking columns that present tech in an interesting way. Having picked up her first smartphone in 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S3, Deidre has gone on to own and recently review smartphones such as the Pixel and Pixel XL, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy S7 Active, OnePlus 3, LG G5, HTC 10, Moto G4, ZTE ZMAX Pro, the LG Nexus 5, and others. Deidre is a former owner (a proud one, at that) of the now-deceased Galaxy Note 7. Her career in tech now spans 6 years, though she's always growing, ever learning.