Analysts forecast 3-4 million in Google Pixel sales by the end of 2016


Google introduced the world to Pixel, the first smartphone “made by Google,” just two days ago. Analysts have already sealed their predictions in terms of year-end sales, despite the fact that pre-orders just began.

According to analysts at Digitimes, Google will see a total of 3-4 million in Pixel sales by this year’s end. This would be a good start for Google, although it comes nowhere near that of rivals from manufacturers like Samsung and Apple. Nexus phones from earlier years didn’t reach the level of hype Google would have liked to see, which is why its going all-in in terms of marketing for its new Pixel smartphone, aimed at the high-end crowd. While this projection is likely a substantial increase over the amount of Nexus sales from prior years, we feel Google can do better.

Contributing to the forecast of 3-4 million units is the fact that availability for Google’s Pixel will be very limited at launch. Verizon will be the only carrier offering it in stores for U.S. customers, and only a few other nations are said to be getting the handset at the point of release. On the other hand, rivals such as Samsung and Apple with addition to LG and Huawei of late, offer their flagship phones in far more countries. Could this be low confidence in Pixel? Could the company have limited stock to supply, or are they just limited in terms of partners? Let us know what you think is holding Google back in the comment section below this post.

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SOURCE [Digitimes]

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