Android Messages for Web is official along other new features

This week, Google announced that its Android Messages SMS app on Android is coming to web with new features. We heard a report a few months back indicating this might happen, and the changes appear to be going into place today across several continents for some lucky users. Google’s Allo messaging app gained a web client not so long ago and it wasn’t exactly a game-changer, but Android Messages could be different.

Android Messages is no longer just messaging on Android. Google has made Android Messages for web official, as well as a number of other features. Users will soon be able to send and receive texts on their computer, a feature that has been demanded for some time. The set up is easy and similar to Allo for web with a log in of your Google account through most web browsers, and all your information will sync between devices so that you can pick up where you left off on another device. Once logged in, users will be able to do just about anything they would on the mobile app in the web client and though there are some minor design updates, the interface will make you feel right at home. From what we can tell, it sounds like users will have to keep their phone nearby for this to work.

As mentioned, Android Messages is also gaining new features. Major ones as noted by Google in a recent blog post include GIF search, smart replies within conversations, link previews within conversations, and copy one-time passwords. Google outlines these nicely on its blog post with GIFs showing how the features can be used.

Looking ahead, it appears Google has no interest in a new messenger app to combine everything. Rather, it will spread out functions between many of its messenger clients. This isn’t what we wanted, but at least we’re getting something. Maybe RCS support on all carriers will be next for Android Messages.

Like Android Messages for web, these features have begun rolling out and everyone will have access by the end of the week across web and Android. You’ll need both an app update and server-side update for everything to work properly. Google is rolling the update out slow and random as was the case with a recent update to the app with Smart Reply. We recommend keeping everything up to date to increase your odds of landing the server-side update. Personally, I’m not seeing the changes right away, are you?

Do you want a new messaging app from Google or are you satisfied with these additions?

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