Android Pay support finally arrives in PayPal

After confirming a partnership a few weeks ago, Google and PayPal have struck a deal to support Android Pay inside the popular payment application.

PayPal has put an update out on Google’s Play Store that finally integrates support for Android Pay. The functionality will be available for all PayPal users, and additionally, users may add their PayPal MasterCard or Visa cards as an option to pay in their Android Wallet.

To set everything up, you’ll want to first sign in to PayPal with your account information or make an account if it’s your first time. Head into the settings menu within the PayPal app and locate the new Android Pay option. Follow the on-screen prompts that are presented and you’ll be good to go upon completion.

The one caveat is that users must create a PayPal Discover card for use in Android Pay, which is part of the set up process. However, users can transfer money from one of their listed credit or debit cards or even use their PayPal balance for use with Android Pay. But only in places where Discover card is accepted will the service work using Android Pay. Upon opening up the Android Pay application after the set up process is complete, you should see the new Discover card in your Android wallet. Select it, and pay as you normally would. And that’s it.

[PayPal – Download Link]


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