Android Wear 2.8 update brings system-wide AMOLED theme

Over the weekend, a multitude of Android Wear watch owners were hit with an over-the-air update. Several users took things over to Reddit to talk about the update, and one particular Android Wear watch owner discovered a new feature inside the unannounced Android Wear 2.8 software update.

Android Wear 2.8 continues to arrive on several Android Wear smartwatches, not through the app, but as a software update from Android Wear 2.6. Included in the package appears to be just one new feature, a “system-wide AMOLED theme.” In essence, this is an all-black theme for the Android Wear system.

A Reddit user, who goes by the name Yozakgg, pointed out that the user interface has changed from a tone of grey, to black. This appears to be the case in all places: the app drawer, the settings menu and the notification shade. This could help save battery life, especially for wear devices with an AMOLED display, hence why it’s being called an “AMOLED theme.” However, it’s currently unknown exactly which smartwatches have been updated, which will be updated in the future, and whether all or just some of these have AMOLED screens. It could be for everyone since this is a version update (2.8), and we hope the theme is optional for those who prefer grey backgrounds over black, as there hasn’t been any mention in that regard in the Reddit comments.

If you have a newer Android Wear smartwatch, you could be eligible for this update. We recommend updating the Android Wear app to its latest version, which could then stimulate the software update to appear on your watch. The app update could be an incremental update that prepares your device for the larger software update, which could be the case moving forward for Android Wear platform updates.

The watch that appeared on Reddit looked to be a Huawei Watch 2, though my original has seen nothing. If you see the update on your watch, let us know the device you have and if you find anything else new down in our comment section and we’ll update this post.

SOURCE [Yozakgg on Reddit]

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