Android Wear can now be updated through the Play Store for more speedy updates

Google’s Hoi Lam made an important announcement on Twitter this week, stating that Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches can now receive updates sent only through the Play Store.

One of Android Wear’s biggest problems to date has been the platform’s fragmentation, which will sound familiar to skinned Android phone owners. Android Wear 2.0 was a steady roll out because smartwatches vary much in hardware and software on the ground of each company. The Android Wear team is approaching a temporary solution for those watches that have already been updated to Android Wear 2.0, allowing them to receive improvements, patches and enhancements through the Play Store.

Moving forward, Google will be able to push system features via the Android Wear application. The purpose in doing this is to minimize the need for over-the-air system updates, which take more work and more time. So in other words, once Google readies an update, you’ll be able to install it no matter which Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch you have, by simply updating your existing Android Wear app to the later version, the same you would normally update Facebook, or YouTube for example.

The first update is a small one, but was put out earlier this week. Included are security patches, third-party chat app support for Contacts, improved Play Store app search, reduced accidental entries in the watch face menu, and various touches and bug fixes.

The move by Google falls in line with what some third-party Android manufacturers have been doing. Take HTC for example, who has many proprietary UI apps available on the Play Store. This makes it easier for HTC to administer urgent updates, and customers can get the updates faster. Obviously, larger updates will need to be handled through the system. However, this will help Google get some of its smaller features to scale, quicker, through only some added scaling without carriers and manufacturers standing in the way.

SOURCE [Hoi Lam on Twitter]

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