Android Wear transitions to Wear OS

Android Wear is now officially, Wear OS! The news first broke last week when Google migrated its Android Wear site over to The change is now rolling out everywhere including in the mobile app, on select watches, and even on the Android Wear Twitter page, signifying the platform name change.

RIP, Android Wear, because Wear OS is here. Except, it’s the exact same thing. The only change to the platform right now is in the name, but something bigger could be announced in two month’s time at Google I/O 2018.

Remember when the Android Wear section was removed on and we all thought the platform was dead? Well, most of the information that used to be there has now rolled over to the new Wear OS website, which is super interactive and looks cool too. We have a separate post here containing a list of all the smartwatches that will see the name change update.

The name change makes all the sense in the world, quite honestly. But the software won’t gain much of a boost at least initially, as a result of the rebrand. Because Wear OS smartwatches also work with select iPhones, it no longer makes sense to call it “Android Wear.” Plus, ‘Android’ doesn’t exactly resonate as the consumer-friendly market Google is targeting, especially among Apple users. Therefore, dropping the word Android makes sense. In fact, Google is no stranger to rebrands. Android Pay just became Google Pay, and everything that used to be named Nexus now exists under the Pixel branding that is more “high-end” and customer-friendly.

I believe the updates are rolling out server-side or being administered to watches through the app as opposed to over-the-air. If you have a newer smartwatch, you could be eligible for the name change update. We recommend updating the mobile app on your phone to its latest version, which might then stimulate the changes to appear on your watch since the app has been renamed to Wear OS. If you see the change on your watch, let us know the device you have in the comment section.

As soon as we’re told more, we’ll update you with any new information. Stay here at Droid Turf.

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