April Giveaway: Win a Auideas screen protector for your Pixel 2 XL from Droid Turf!

Droid Turf is back with another tech giveaway for April and it’s another screen protector! This month we’re selecting one winner who will receive a tempered glass screen protector for Google’s Pixel 2 XL smartphone, made by Auideas. The giveaway will run for approximately one month before closing on April 28.

Thanks to your support, Droid Turf gives back once each month with a tech giveaway. For April, we’re giving an Auideas branded 99% transparent tempered glass screen protector (phone in picture not included) for use only on Google’s Pixel 2 XL smartphone. The screen guard is easy to install and will protect your smartphone from scratching and damage caused by accidental drops with its 9H explosion-proof hardness. It gives users full access to all device ports including the front-facing camera and speaker cut outs, and can be applied to your phone once. One winner will be drawn at random and will win the free prize.

Auideas is well-known for making some of the more premium screen protectors designed to last. It producers guards of many kinds that fit various Android smartphones. We gave away one similar last month, but the one being given away for April has no compromises and fits your Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone with its round beveled edges. It’s marketed as bubble free and shatter proof with high visibility. It even has an oleophobic coating to protect from fingerprints and smudges. Best of all, your Pixel phone will remain sensitive to all touches. In the box you’ll get the glass screen protector itself, a dust remover and installation instructions.

If you aren’t selected as our lucky winner, but are still interested in Auideas screen protector for Google Pixel 2 XL or just about any smartphone of choice, you can find the company’s product listings and make a purchase at the link(s) in brackets below.


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Droid Turf April Giveaway: Auideas Screen Protector for Pixel 2 XL

We will randomly select the winner on Saturday, April 28 at 11:59PM EST. For more contests like this one, visit our ‘Giveaways’ page.

We wish you Good Luck!

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