AT&T and Magic Leap agree to partner

Announced Wednesday, AT&T and Magic Leap have come to terms on a deal that has the two companies working together to benefit one another. AT&T has been doing a lot lately with the underlying purpose of sustaining wireless customers and adding new ones to stay in front of competition. The carrier’s latest move follows in line with this principle, but now how we expected.

Magic Leap, a company known for wearables, has agreed to an exclusive partnership that has AT&T strangely selling its products. According to CNBC who first reported on the news going official, AT&T will be the only “wireless” distributor of Magic Leap products in US retail markets, and the first item will be a “mixed reality” headset. This has been made possible by the new partnership that has AT&T the exclusive distributor at least until others are brought on board later.

Some of the details including the terms on deal and what may be in exchange, have not been made public. The partnership caught a lot of people by surprise and could even be long-term. For the time being, a “mixed reality” headset sounds fun and interesting to say the least. We don’t know exactly what it’ll bring, but a cell carrier expressing interest in a category like this is rather interesting.

The headset goes by the name ‘Magic Leap One’. There are three parts to it including a head unit, controller, and receiver. All will have to be connected to a computer for power to drive the graphics, kind of like the HTC Vive. This will allow the devices to work together in creating a very real experience for users. By mixed reality, we might get a mix of VR and AR, so a little different from products we’re used to getting. So far, Magic Leap has raised $2 billion for the launch, which is quite a bit to work with. It also has a bunch of investors and various partners backing. Magic Leap has a bunch of things planned and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for us later this year. More information should come out in the months ahead.


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