AT&T and Verizon will carry the RED Hydrogen One

Of all the great Android smartphones out there, AT&T and Verizon have agreed to carry an unproven device that is a first from its company. We’re talking about the unreleased but long-awaited RED Hydrogen One said to be “holographic.” Perhaps carriers have seen something we have not.

AT&T was first to announce its plans to sell RED Hydrogen One once it becomes available. This should be “very soon,” according to RED, who pushed the release back many times in order to perfect every detail and improve the camera with rear and front dual lens combos. RED is a camera company and its phone that will be all about camera will also be sold on Verizon. I wouldn’t be surprised if other carriers get on board as well.

The last bit of news we heard from RED was that the company was considering carrier options. Never did we think they’d actually get partners in the US, considering how many options Verizon and AT&T turned away this year. In surprising news, RED made a successful attempt at gaining support from at least two carriers in the states, and its first phone will also be sold unlocked to work on others.

We thought RED’s Hydrogen One would be more of an experimentation, but US carrier availability will supply a big push for the super high-priced smartphone valued around $1,200. Many including I believed this would be a niche product because of its price, but carrier availability will help establish some brand presence in the US around the company known by few for its camera tech.

Hydrogen One was at one point available for pre-order unlocked in two colors, but not currently. It is coming this summer and those who already ordered one will get theirs first for all the waiting they had to do. I may have to get a hold of one just to check it out. Carrier pricing is expected to be $1,000+. Does RED have your attention?

SOURCE [AT&T] [Verizon]

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