AT&T announces data plan changes and a new prepaid option

Earlier today, we told you about AT&T’s upcoming TV streaming service AT&T Watch. The carrier also announced a slew of changes recently to its data plans that we want to keep you up to date on. There have been some upgrades to AT&T’s current data plans and there’s also now a new prepaid option. If you’re an AT&T subscriber or looking to sign up for wireless service, you don’t want to miss this.

AT&T is going off on the news, and it’s all important as it pertains to what we cover at Droid Turf. Starting off with AT&T’s prepaid offerings, a new option just went live on the carrier for $50 per month. This will get you unlimited call and text with 8GB of data.

AT&T also upgraded one of its unlimited data plans at no added cost. Current and new subscribers of the $85 plan will now get 10GB of mobile hotspot data on their plan. This is “high-speed” data and is up from the 6GB previously supplied. AT&T is also offering a $10 monthly discount, currently, if you sign up for this plan, the $50 plan, or the $65 plan, with autopay. This will bring the monthly price down to $75, $40, and $55, respectively. If you’re eyeballing the cheapest of these three, it’s a no brainer considering for $40 you’ll get more data than you would for $45 since the promotion is not offered on the $45-6GB plan. New subscribers are eligible for these deals, which make the plans more competitive with the remainder of the industry. Unlimited customers may also get the benefits of AT&T Watch very soon.

The last bit of news is in regard to current AT&T prepaid customers, who can receive a discount moving forward. The discount comes out to be $5 per month if you have two lines, or $6 off if you have four lines. For more information, I recommend visiting a store or hitting the source link included below. AT&T does a good job at explaining it.


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