AT&T introduces an unlimited data plan of their own

On the heals on Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T has introduced a new unlimited data plan. The plan includes unlimited talk, text and high-speed data, but there’s a catch!

The past week has been a shake up for cellular network carriers. It all started with Verizon, who re-introduced its “true” unlimited plan that entails unmeasured talk, text and 4G LTE data. T-Mobile’s John Legere later announced that its ONE Plan would be revised to give no reason for customers to leave in favor of Verizon’s new offering. This is part of T-Mobile’s aggressive and highly competitive strategy that we’ve seen over recent years. Ultimately, it has done nothing but good for the carrier, yielding wider profit margins and netting higher customer growth for over 5 consecutive quarters.

AT&T announced a new unlimited data plan a few weeks ago , shortly after its acquisition of DirecTV. The plan that at that point was limited to DirecTV customers, is now open to everybody. However, the price has remained a bit high at $100 per month for a single line, and some perks aren’t included such as data tethering and others. It also appears as if some quality, whether that be video or audio, may be downsized, unlike Verizon’s deal which is limitless.

One’s personal needs will definitely play a factor in determining which deal is best. For full details on AT&T’s unlimited plan, hit the source link in brackets down below. To learn more about Verizon and T-Mobile’s latest plan offerings, click or tap any of the links below.

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