General News

OnePlus expected to rename Dash Charge because of trademark

May 24, 2018 Dan

OnePlus calls its version of fast charging “Dash Charge” and has done so ever since the company first introduced the concept with the OnePlus 3 smartphone. Dash Charge allows the OnePlus 3 and devices that have followed to charge a battery in a fraction of the time. Other Android OEMs have adopted similar technology, but Dash Charge is one of the quickest and most efficient methods.

General News

The LG G7 ThinQ is outperforming the LG G6 in South Korea

May 23, 2018 Dan

LG reported that last year around 40,000 people ordered the LG G6 in the first four days of pre-order sales in South Korea. The LG G7 ThinQ is set to surpass that according to Etnews, who reports that more than 70,000 pre-orders have been placed since the phone went on sale in the same territory. While this is good for LG, it does not compare to that achieved by its homeland rival, Samsung.

Apps & Games

Play PC games on an external display using Steam Link

May 22, 2018 Dan

For the longest time, gamers dreamed of cross-platform compatibility for PC titles. Such an ability would allow PC games to be played on various consoles including our mobile devices. In a move that will delight gamers everywhere, Valve has announced Steam Link as its solution.