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LG reportedly moving up the launch of its G6 smartphone

December 26, 2016 Droid Turf

The mobile tech industry is highly competitive. Profits are hard to come by unless you’re Samsung or Apple and even those companies have experienced a slump lately. Anything to eke out an extra profit is fair game and it looks like LG may be trying something new to turn their fortunes around.


Weekly Recap: Here are all the major headlines from the week 12/19 – 12/23

December 24, 2016 Droid Turf

The Droid Turf Weekly Recap includes all the major headlines in the Android Ecosystem over the recent week. The Droid Turf Overview Series complies three different sets of summaries, Daily Roundups, Weekly Recaps, and Monthly Rundowns. Daily Roundups will include the major takeaways from the day, and will be posted in the late evening hours in EST. Weekly Recaps will highlight the biggest stories of the week all in one post. We’ll give you a short summary of each story and provide you with links [Read More]


Confirmed: Google is planning two Android Wear smartwatches of their own for a launch next year

December 23, 2016 Droid Turf

The smartwatch industry hasn’t been doing well lately. Sales have decreased and major players like Lenovo seem to be done with Android Wear for now while Huawei may be abandoning it altogether. Rumors that Google would launch their own smartwatches have been floating around for some time but there’s been little news heard. Some people even came to the conclusion that Google might abandon their smartwatch project entirely.

Carrier News

AT&T Call Protect will spot and block spam calls

December 22, 2016 Droid Turf

For as long as phones have been around, the problem of spam calls has existed. Over the years technology has evolved to help give consumers some relief, however spam callers have also evolved their methods. AT&T has unveiled a new service in the hopes of thwarting these unwanted calls.

Carrier News

T-Mobile’s next ‘Uncarrier’ event is scheduled for CES 2017

December 21, 2016 Droid Turf

T-Mobile has been a mover and shaker in the mobile industry with their ‘Uncarrier‘ events. Each event has heralded a new tactic meant to sway more customers to the company’s network. Past events have announced such things as truly unlimited data plans, free perks on Tuesdays and unlimited international high-speed data. T-Mobile has announced the date of their next ‘Uncarrier’ event.

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