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Whether you like it or not, cell phones are everywhere, and are far from what they used to be. Smartphones serve a variety of valuable functions, so much so that they have become our best friend. We live in the age of mobile computing, with the smartphone at the epicenter of our accessible hub of connected services.

Picking a smartphone is no longer easy. It starts up front with the operating system. Speaking of which, do you like Android, iOS or Windows? Often times the brand that you like is the next most important. Is your favorite Samsung, Lenovo or Huawei? To narrow our list of options, we are forced to make decisions. The amount of options has never been higher, forcing us to make more decisions that ever before. Making these decisions can sometimes be tough.

We’re often approached by consumers and readers like you who are in need of a recommendation on a product or service. Most of the time, but not all the time, that demand is for a smartphone. We can’t possibly recommend a single phone for all of you, as everyone has varying tastes and personal preferences.

With Android being our area of focus at Droid Turf, we see only one way to go about this. That’s why each year at Droid Turf we rank the top Android smartphones as we go along. These are the best of the best. All rankings are determined using a combination of both hands-on use and different measurements such as hardware specs, software and overall design language. Price is not taken into account. Opinions here are those of Droid Turf, and are by no means represented by everybody. Below is an ordered list of what we believe have been the biggest and baddest Android smartphones to launch thus far this year.

Top 10 Android Smartphones of 2017

– #1 –

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Review Overview | Spec List | Event Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: Unpacked 17 | NYC | August 2017

– #2 –

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+

Review Overview | Spec ListsEvent Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: Unpacked 2017 | NYC | March 2017

– #3 –

LG V30

Review Overview | Spec ListEvent Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: IFA | Berlin, Germany | August 2017

– #4 –

HTC U 11+

Review Overview | Recent Coverage

Launch: Private Event | Taiwan | November 2017

*Image Gallery Coming!

– #5 –

Google Pixel 2 / XL 2

Review Overview | Spec ListsEvent Wrap-upRecent Coverage

Launch: Made By Google 2017 | San Francisco, CA | October 2017

– #6 –


Review Overview | Spec List | Event Wrap-up | Recent Coverage

Launch: MWC | Barcelona, Spain | February 2017

– #7 –

Sony Xperia XZ1

Review Overview | Event Wrap-up | Recent Coverage

Launch: IFA | Berlin, Germany | August 2017

– #8 –

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Review Overview | Event Wrap-up | Recent Coverage

Launch: MWC | Barcelona, Spain | February 2017

– #9 –

OnePlus 5T

Review Overview | Spec List | Recent Coverage

Launch: Online Launch Event | November 2017

– #10 –

HTC U 11

Review Overview | Spec List | Recent Coverage

Launch: Private Event | Taiwan | May 2017

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