A BlackBerry KEY2 is coming June 7

The famous BlackBerry KEYone appears to be getting a sequel in BlackBerry KEY2, the supposed ‘Athena’ device. We have not heard much about the model yet, though it was confirmed this weekend by BlackBerry Mobile on Twitter. The device will meet many other Android offerings including flagships from HTC, LG and others once it reaches the market, which could be soon after its June 7 introduction.

BlackBerry and TCL are once again teaming up to release an Android-powered smartphone with BlackBerry branding. At one point we thought BlackBerry would step away from phones for good, though it has managed to reel in some profits from the Android sector with mid-range models. The KEYone Android-powered phone with a keyboard received great sales initially because of its packed value for an affordable package and we hope the new model will deliver the same.

As indicated by BlackBerry’s most recent tweet that reads “An Icon Reborn,” this device named the KEY2 will be the KEYone successor and second-generation model. BlackBerry hasn’t reveled any second-generation Android handsets, so the decision to move forward with this series is revealing of its success. The handset will be unveiled in New York at 10:00am local time on June 7. The KEY2 could bring back the keyboard and have a faster processor with more RAM. A modern design is expected, none the less. A better camera would also be nice, and battery life, which was a stand-out feature of the original KEYone, could be further improved upon with the next-gen handset.

There’s still a lot to learn about the upcoming premium mid-range phone, and we hope it reaches as many markets as the first gen model did. As we draw closer into the announcement that is three weeks away, leaks are bound to happen. We’ll keep you posted on these as always.

SOURCE [BlackBerry Mobile on Twitter]

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