The BlackBerry Priv will not see Google’s Android Nougat update

The BlackBerry Priv brought BlackBerry into the Android market in October of 2015. It kept our hopes alive for a return, though time proved to be a major factor in the longevity of BlackBerry’s smartphone hardware business. The company still has a few Android-powered devices out on the market currently: Priv, DETEK50, DTEK60, and KEYone.

Many have hung on tight to their BlackBerry Priv in hope that the company would continue supporting the phone, and next month, BlackBerry will celebrate the smartphone’s second birthday, though it’s not exactly a good thing.

As seen with past Android flagship smartphones, customer support and updates tend to be cut off around the two-year mark. According to UTBBlogs who spoke with BlackBerry’s General Manager of Mobility Solutions, Alex Thurber, during a recent podcast, the BlackBerry Priv is in this boat, but will not receive last year’s Android 7.0 Nougat platform update. This is disappointing for owners of the phone that brought back the physical keyboard.

BlackBerry, who has been reliable when it comes to updates, is about to act much unlike itself. BlackBerry Priv was pre-loaded with Android Lollipop and was later updated to Android Marshmallow. Given the stock-like experience, long wait time and two-year update period for most BlackBerry Android phones, it was reasonable to suspect Android Nougat at the very least, which launched last fall just one year after the Priv was announced. Despite all of this, the update journey has come to an end. This is exactly the reason why we inform readers that just because a company confirms an update, doesn’t always mean it’ll roll out. Promises are hard to keep in this industry.

BlackBerry Priv will continue to receive monthly security patches, something BlackBerry takes much pride in. The Android 8.0 Oreo update that just recently rolled out to select Nexus and Pixel devices has been confirmed to arrive on BlackBerry’s newest handset, the KEYone. Future BlackBerry handsets will come pre-loaded with Oreo in all its cookie goodness.

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