Check out Google Home’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial

We recently learned that Google was dropping a cool $5 million to advertise Google Home during this year’s Super Bowl. While everyone probably expected Google to go all-out in creating a new and memorable advertisement that would captivate everyone’s attention, it won’t be quite like that. Instead, Google has decided to reuse the original Google Home launch video which first released back in October along with the launch of the Pixel smartphones and Daydream View headset.

It’s pretty surprising that Google hasn’t developed anything new for one of the most prestigious and desired advertising spots across the globe. Smaller companies dream of one day being able to feature their products during the Super Bowl which draws more than a hundred million viewers. However, the original Google Home launch video did generate over a million views and airing it during the Super Bowl means that millions of people who haven’t seen it before will probably do so, so there’s that.

In the spirit of America’s favorite sporting event, Google has revealed to us some Super Bowl related queries which you can ask your Google Home speaker. Start with “Ok Google.”

  • What’s in 7 layer dip?
  • Add chips and guacamole to my shopping list
  • Set a 12 minute timer for nachos
  • What is a football made of?
  • Who’s the coach of the New England Patriots?
  • Where is the nearest sports bar?
  • Flip a coin
  • Play Lucky Trivia Sports
  • Play ‘Arena Rap Anthems’ on Google Play Music

Check out the Google Home commercial that will air during the Super Bowl, directly below.

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