Check out these live photos of Google’s purported Pixel 3 XL

Several days ago, what looked to be Google’s next-gen Pixel 3 XL smartphone leaked out in the first photos of the actual device. We have a few photos for you to take a look at because it’s that time of year again; Pixel season is coming.

We know from prior leaks that Google could launch as many as three Pixel smartphones later this year with Android P. Like last year, the search giant could return with a larger Pixel XL and smaller Pixel, but there have also been reports about a third mid-range phone from Google for emerging markets. The Pixel 2 successors for 2018 are approaching fast and now we know more on the Pixel 3 XL and its design.

We know quite a bit about the larger Pixel 3 XL such as its LG-made OLED display, and now we know more thanks to leaks which confirm recent rumors. The alleged smartphone is shown from a few angles and upon first glance, looks a lot like the Pixel 2 XL from the rear. Signs point toward this being a minor upgrade from the exterior, but there are some refinements that are difficult to notice. One being the logo on the back, which is not the typical “G” logo for Google. There’s a different symbol in place which could just be hiding the device’s identity, or, be something new as a replacement.

Instead of aluminum with a small glass section on top to house various sensors, the whole rear might be glass and wrap around the sides. The window is still present because of a color shift, but the all-glass design would follow suite with modern competition and bring along the possibility of wireless charging. This would be a first for any Nexus of Pixel phone. Confirmed in the leaks is also single rear camera lens. Google managed to create a top performer with just a single lens on Pixel 2, and despite reports of Google switching to a dual lens like others, it seems that at least the XL model will retain its single lens. We can only hope for comparable performance.

Flipping over to the front, we have much thinner side bezels. There’s also a display notch at the top, which was kind of expected given Google’s embrace of it in Android P. This move follows suite with the rest of the industry excluding only Samsung and a few others who are feeling the pressure from the trend. The notch is put to good use by encompassing not one, but two selfie cameras and the ear piece. However, there is a chin on the device that takes away from the screen-to-body ratio because of a front-facing speaker grill at the bottom. The two speakers on front should create a superior audio experience as was the case on the Pixel 2 handsets.

We don’t have any photos of the smaller Pixel 3 to share, so we can only wonder whether it will be similar or different. While similar would make the choice easier, earlier reports have indicated no notch on the smaller variant, an altered design, and lower-end specifications. Nothing for sure though and after all, we still don’t yet know who will manufacturer the unconfirmed 2018 Pixel phones. There will be more to come on all this over the summer months and we’ll learn more about the rumored differences between the two variants. For now, what do you think of the XL design?

SOURCE [XDA-Developers]

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