Check out these video advertisements from Google and Samsung

Google and Samsung each have a new video advertisement showcasing their respective flagship smartphone. Google focuses on Pixel 2, and highlights the power of the Google Assistant. Samsung’s advertisement is centered around the Galaxy Note 8 and takes shots at Apple’s iPhone. Both are interesting because had they not been, we wouldn’t have felt such an urge to share them with all of you.

Google’s advertisement opens with a girl who says “What is it?” We find out that “it” is the Pixel 2 smartphone, and that it can do all sorts of things using the Google Assistant and Google Lens. It can remind you about things, give you a report of the weather forecast, order you a sandwich, get you information, or control your smart devices hands-free. Google also noted a few Pixel 2 features that buyers will enjoy such as fast charging (7-hours of use in only a 15-minute charge), unlimited original-quality image storage using Google Photos, protection against spam callers, Active Edge, two optical image stabilized cameras for when the road gets bumpy, and IP67 water and dust resistance.

We like this advertisement a lot because it highlights what makes Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL great. Because Google’s Pixel branding hasn’t been around all that long, people don’t know about it, nor what the smartphone experience entails, and so this video assures them of what they’re getting. Props go out to Google’s marketing department for getting this one right.

Watch the full length video below.

Samsung also let out an interesting advertisement, recently. Titled ‘Growing Up,’ Samsung’s latest ad targets iPhone buyers, including those who purchased the new iPhone X. Samsung has trolled Apple in the past in both its press conferences and video adverts, but time has gone by since the last one. It’s good to see that Samsung is bringing the formula back, which had done so well for the company back in the days of the Galaxy S4.

The purpose of the advertisement is to show iPhone users what they’ve been missing out on over the years, and continue to miss out on modern-day. The Galaxy Note 8 and older Galaxy Note iterations are used to demonstrate some of the features and specifications Galaxy handsets have had, that only now some Apple users are getting. The clever ad concludes with “now a man” ditching his iPhone and upgrading to Galaxy Note 8. We can’t agree more with the ad which essentially portraits that the iPhone is for boys and that the Galaxy Note is for grown-ups. Keep the laughter coming, Samsung!

Watch the full length video ad below.

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