About Connect+

Connect+ works on web as well as mobile. Navigate to this page when the session begins or click the pop-up chat window that is to become available to you from all posts and pages as well as the homepage at the time in the above listed schedule. You can always locate this page from our top menu or along our right sidebar. Occasionally, the chat window may show when contributors are all offline and a session is not actively being held. In this case, you may be able to leave us a message using your name and email address. One of us will try to get back to you. Please keep your messages clean and mature, be polite. Noticeable patterns of repeated failures to obey rules may get you added to our blocking list. For more important matters, please contact us through this page.

The sole purpose of Connect+ is to provide readers with a simple way of connecting with us for technical support. We want to hear what you’re thinking. Live Chat sessions are to run according to a schedule containing brief periods of availability (1-2 hour sessions) once each month in which you’ll be able to chat with a Droid Turf contributor one-on-one.

We’re open to answering any questions and will, if asked, provide our personal opinion and/or recommendations on products or services. Chat Admins will include some of our talented contributors in addition to Doug Demagistris, our current Editor In Chief. At Droid Turf, we like to be different. And to stay true to our word, we offer readers benefits they won’t get elsewhere. Being consumers ourselves, we thought this would be more beneficial (than an audio podcast) for you to get insight and have your questions answered promptly.

Connect+ is free of charge to those who access it. However, do note that we simply may not have sufficient time nor available staff to chat with everyone. To back us in our development, send a small donation to Droid Turf. Every little bit really does help!

For more information, contact us, subscribe to our newsletter or follow Droid Turf across social media. To simply learn more about Droid Turf and who we are, visit the About Us page.

**NOTE – When using the live chat or leave a message (when offline) functionality on Droid Turf, you commit to sending any information. This data is not collected by Droid Turf but may be visible to us or the plugin’s maker. Droid Turf will not share this information with anyone. For privacy concerns, carefully read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer documents.