Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 may be heading to America

Today, the Samsung Galaxy S8 family of devices is being offered in three colors in the American market. It’s available in Arctic Silver, Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. When the handset officially launched, Samsung explained that it would be introducing different colors in different markets later in the year. 

It now appears that the popular Coral Blue color will be soon heading to the United States, according to prolific leaker, Evan Blass. Coral Blue proved to be quite the hit for American buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last summer before the whole massacre took place, so why would Samsung deliberately not sell this color in the US for its latest model?

Coral Blue has proven to be a popular color for Samsung smartphones all over the world. Samsung would like it if customers can enjoy products in the color of their preference, but a color such as Coral Blue is quite polarizing: some customers love it and others hate it. By deferring the release of a particular color into a market, Samsung keeps generating interest in that product some months after the initial release. There will be some customers sitting on the fence about upgrading from their existing smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but upon seeing it available in Coral Blue for the first time, customers may be persuaded. This appeared to happen with the Samsung Galaxy S7 family last year. 

Currently, whilst Blass has been a consistently accurate leaker of information, the story of the Samsung Galaxy S8 being offered in Coral Blue in the American market is still a rumor. If it happens, we can expect Samsung to offer unlocked Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices first before individual carriers begin stocking the color. Unfortunately, we do not yet know what carriers nor which retailers may sell the Coral Blue variant of the Galaxy S8.

The other color that has not yet made it to the North American market is Maple Gold. Currently, we have no news as to if this version will be sold on American soil, but it is possible Samsung will announce both Coral Blue and Maple Gold at the same time.

SOURCE [Evan Blass on Twitter]

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