Deal: 128GB Google Pixel costs just $380 at B&H

The smaller of the two OG Google Pixel smartphones is still less than two years old, but it has the latest version of Android and has withstood the test of time. One Google Pixel with max storage (128GB) is on sale while supply lasts. The deal is available exclusively over at B&H and cannot be had anywhere else for the same price tag.

With Pixel 2 phones having been on the market for three-quarters now and Pixel 3 devices rumored to be on the way for later this year, the original Pixel phones continue to see a drop off in price. The best deal right now is active at B&H and allows buyers to save a whopping $450 on a brand new unit. Nothing is tied to a contract or carrier nor is a trade-in required, and the discount is instant discount off the full retail price of $849.

Considering how great the OG Pixel Phones still are and the massive price drop, you cannot go wrong with this deal and we can almost guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. It’s rare let alone that Google’s smartphones go on sale, and even more rare for the larger storage variant. However, B&H is also offering a discount, but smaller and more typical, on the 32GB Google Pixel in Black. Given that the 128GB variant’s heavier discount brings its price to $379, much closer to the lesser $329 discounted price of the 32GB model, you should probably go for the extra storage in this case.

All the Pixel phones at B&H are unlocked and not the Verizon variants. This means that they’ll work on most major carriers. The 128GB variant is available only in Very Silver while the 32GB model comes in only Quite Black. Get the deal while you still can and get free shipping as well as a warranty. The link is included below in brackets. Feel free to check out other deals we’ve reported on here at Droid Turf as well.

Any takers?

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