Deal: Best Buy is running ‘Special Offers’ on Google Home and LG Watch Style

Best Buy is running a couple of deals on new products from rather popular brands that you should probably know about. Here are the details.

Just a few months ago, LG and Google teamed up to make a smartwatch, and is now available at a discounted price. Down from $249 and currently for sale at just $179 is the Watch Style. The offer is active at popular retailer, Best Buy, and will last just a few days, or hours, we don’t know.

If you’re considering a smartwatch, where no better place to start than the now affordable Android Wear 2.0 powered Watch Style from LG. It’s one of the best we’ve ever tested, and is highly recommended by us for anyone looking to enter the wearable market space for the first time. It can be paired with any Android device running KitKat 4.4+ or can work on select iPhone models. It comes in choice of Titanium, Silver and Rose Gold color options. 2-day shipping is free at the retailer’s online store. Is also available for store pickup at a Best Buy location near you.

Best Buy as well as Verizon and Google, are actively hosting a special offer on the Google Home smart speaker with Google Assistant. For just $229, buyers will get to take home TWO Google Home units. Normally, each speaker would cost its buyer $129. It’s not the greatest deal of all time because customers must purchase two units in order to be eligible for the promotion, but considering $100 is a good price for Google Home already, which doesn’t go on sale very often, one may want to consider this offer.

Keep in mind that Google allows users to connect more than one Home speaker over Wi-Fi and can integrate both into your home. Shipping is free from all retailers and interchangeable colored bases are available as well, for those of you don’t want the units looking the same.

Hit up the links below if you’re interested in either of the above deals. Feast now, before they’re all gone!

Best Buy [LG Watch Style] [Google Home]
Verizon [Google Home]
Google Store [Google Home] [Base for Google Home]

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