Deal: Google products including Google Home, Chromecast and Home Bases go on sale

In honor of perhaps the greatest Super Bowl of all time, a handful of Google products are on sale across a several retailers. Through February 25, one can save on a Google Home speaker, interchangeable Google Home bases and Chromecast products including Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast Audio.

Deals on Google products can be found across several retailers right now including Best Buy and others. But the Google Store has what we believe are the best deals including a few bundles.

Right now, one can purchase a Google Home speaker and claim $15 off with an additional purchase of a Chromecast product. Compatible Chromecast products include the newly-released Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast Audio device. Google Home Bases are also on sale, but for a crazy 50% off. Depending on the model of your choice, you’ll save either $10 or $20 per unit. Chromecasts haven’t been left out either, and are on sale for $5 off retail price at the Google Store and a variety of other retail stores.

Links to some of the deals have been provided to you down below.

Google Store [Google Home] [Google Home Bases] [Chromecast] [Chromecast Audio]
Best Buy [Google Home bundle] [Chromecast]

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