Deal: Grab a Google Home for $99 or a second-generation Chromecast for $25

Today is indeed Amazon Prime Day. Some Amazon products including Echo, Echo ShowEcho LookEcho Dot, and Fire TV Stick are being offered at a discounted price. Which is perhaps the reason Google has felt the need to chime in and lower the price that buys a Google Home or Chromecast.

The Google Store and popular retailers Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and Staples have Google Home and Chromecast units on sale. Google Home can be had for $30 less at just $99, making it slightly more than the sale price of an Amazon Echo speaker ($89). Chromecast and Chromecast Audio have been discounted at the same locations to $25. This is down $10 from the regular retail price of $35.

In addition to the above deals, the Google Store is hosting a bundle offer on its eBay store. The bundle will get you a Google Home unit as well as a second-generation Google Chromecast for a combined price of $99. This is, of course, the same price as a single Google Home unit at the above mentioned retailers, but with addition to a Chromecast for the same cost. The savings comes out to be around $70. So if you have an eBay account, this is the clear winner in terms of value. Hit up the links below to the offerings.

Google Home + Chromecast Bundle [eBay]

Google Home [Best Buy] [Target] [Wal-Mart] [Staples] [Google Store]

Chromecast / Chromecast Audio [Best Buy] [Target] [Wal-Mart] [Staples] [Google Store]

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