Deal: HTC is offering $150 off the HTC 10 and $200 off the One A9 for Valentine’s Day

HTC is running some deals in honorary of Valentine’s Day. The following set of deals will remain active through Friday, February 17th, thereby giving your loved ones some time to think about whether or not they actually need a new phone.

For Valentine’s Day, HTC is hosting a few promotions on some their latest devices including both the HTC 10 and HTC One A9 smartphones, two of the company’s best ever.

Beginning with the HTC 10, consumers can snag a savings of $150 during the holiday period. The handset is up for sale at $549, down from its standard retail price of $699. As for the older HTC One A9 smartphone, the going price will be $299, down 2 bills from its retail price of $499. If you’re still interested in the HTC One M9 either for yourself, or for your loved one, it will also be on sale for Valentine’s Day. The discounted price has been set at $399, down a whopping $250 from $649. As of right now, the deals appear to be exclusive to HTC’s online store.

HTC is also offering a deal on its smartphone accessories including 50% site-wide so long as you spend at least $100. And perhaps the best part of this sale, every phone will ship fast for free with “Uh Oh protection” for an unspecified amount of time, as well as an additional Valentine’s Day gift to thank you for your order and enthusiasm about HTC. Check out the deals at the link in brackets included below.

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