Deal: Save $200 on an unlocked Moto Z at Amazon or Motorola

Lenovo’s Moto Z with the Motorola branding is being sold at a discounted price right now just ahead of Father’s Day. For a limited time, the handset will cost just $499 unlocked, down $200 from its standard retail price of $699.

Customers can save this week on a Moto Z smartphone, the Lenovo company’s flagship-grade device from 2016. The discount is available at Motorola’s website and Amazon. The sale goes for a whopping 28% off, which makes all the sense in the world given that new Moto Z2 models are due out this summer. Anyhow, the Moto Z would make a great gift for any hard-working Dad out there!

Motorola is also offering a promotion on Moto Care Protection shall you buy their Moto Z device. Using code MOTOZ200OFF will apply an optional discount on the added protection service during checkout, which will drive the price down to just $20 of additional cost. We recommend adding this if your Dad is a big outdoorsman!

The Moto Z smartphone you’ll be getting from the deal will be GSM unlocked, meaning it can work on a variety of GSM carriers such as T-Mobile or AT&T. If you’re on a CDMA carrier such as Verizon or Sprint, you’ll need to buy the phone from them, so this deal means nothing for you.

Since the model is to be unlocked, there will be no carrier bloat present upon boot up. The handset comes with 64GB of storage in one Lunar Grey color variant. A 2-year warranty is included, and shipping is fast for free.

Both promotions end on June 17 and are available at the links below.

[Motorola] [Amazon]

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