Deal: Verizon slices $300 off the Google Pixel 2 family

Verizon, America’s largest carrier, has been offering $300 off the price of the Google Pixel 2 or Google Pixel 2 XL for customers visiting a store, which has now been extended to online sales. Today, the deal is also being combined with 50% off the initial Google Home price.

A $300 discount will apply for customers who finance a Pixel 2 smartphone over two years. The 50% off deal for the Google Home applies to the pre-sale price of $129, so the speaker is available at a price of $64. This is a respectable saving, but most stores and websites are currently offering the Google Home for $79, so what might seem to be $65 in savings is really only $15. Google Home recently acquired the ability to handle two commands at the same time, and it’s clear that Google is working hard to improve the Google Assistant experience as well.

For customers who finance Google Pixel 2 during the sale period, the monthly payment price for the 64GB base version has been reduced to $14.58 per month. The 128GB Google Pixel 2 is reduced to $18.74 per month, both over twenty-four months. The Google Pixel 2 XL costs $22.91 each month for the 64GB variant or $27.08 per month for the 128GB model. These are significantly cheaper prices, and for customers sitting on the fence about buying Google’s latest smartphone, this should be enough to sway the decision to “yes.”

Both variants of the Google Pixel 2 include one of the best camera setups in the industry today, combined with a smooth user experience, solid battery life and a high-end chipset. However, both devices have not been without their detractors. The Google Pixel 2 has been criticized for its somewhat boring, old-fashioned design. The Google Pixel 2 XL has been criticized for a lackluster LG-made OLED display with all sorts of problems. Neither smartphone is perfect, but both represent Google’s vision for how an Android smartphone should run in 2017, and each will receive software updates ahead of all other Android devices. Saving $300 over the course of two years may make the device flaws that much easier to live with. The links are below.

Verizon [Pixel 2] [Pixel 2 XL] [Google Home]

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