Download all the high-quality wallpapers found on the OnePlus 5T right here!

OnePlus introduced the OnePlus 5T yesterday, a successor to the mere six-month old OnePlus 5 that we all love so much. Whether the company will continue to sell its OnePlus 5 remains to be heard, though the company encourages us all to get its latest. If you’re looking for a taste of OnePlus 5T without having to buy the phone, start to personalize your current device by downloading the official OnePlus 5T wallpapers designed by the company’s signature artist, Hampus Olsson.

Each year, or six months rather, the Chinese manufacturer brings back Hampus Olsson to design the artwork for the company’s newest smartphone. And as he usually does, Olsson delivered with some of the neatest and leanest high-resolution wallpapers out there, this time with a new 18:9 or 2:1 aspect ratio to fit your modern-day Android flagship to perfection without cropping.

Hampus Olsson has a personal blog where he showcases much of his work. His collection includes a range of designs, all of which are stunning creations available for free in choice of Full HD or 4K resolution. We’ve included a handful of the OnePlus 5T’s designs below for you to download in Full HD quality. Simply right-click and hit ‘open in new tab’ followed by ‘save image as’ to download if you’re on a desktop. If you’re on a mobile device, select the one you want, press and hold on it after it opens, and tap ‘save image.’

View and download any which ones you’d like or add them all to your Dropbox at once with a tap or click, right here.

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SOURCE [Hampus Olsson]

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