Droid Turf Will Be Back: Future Plans, Upcoming Changes and a New Direction

To the new readers we get every day and the thousands of you who have been with us since our very beginning, we are so grateful and can’t thank you enough for all your support. Droid Turf wouldn’t be able to exist without you as viewers and the last 2+ years have been an amazing journey. Time flies and it has been a living dream to serve you new and extensive coverage of the Android ecosystem week in and week out. The ability to do what you love at work is something nobody should take for granted and the opportunity is one every one of us is thankful for.

Thank You!

Droid Turf is run out of New York and centered in North America. The team is made up of passionate enthusiasts who are committed to delivering meaningful information you care about that has a great deal of importance. Our mission is to provide readers the best place to learn about the Android ecosystem. Read more about us here.

The hard-working individuals behind the Droid Turf scene will be hard at work executing a promising plan that will bring new ideas and inspiration to all of Droid Turf’s properties. Since debuting, Droid Turf has amassed a library consisting of 2,400+ original, well-constructed and conveyed SEO-friendly blog posts. All articles are rich in detail and were rigorously reviewed for accuracy and honesty. We take pride in our work whether we be reporting Google or Android News, a comparison showdown between two devices, a rant or opinion article, upcoming mobile apps, or deals.

In addition to tens of thousands strong that flood the Droid Turf site every month, Droid Turf is proud of the millions of social media views received and the growing number of followers found across nearly a dozen of today’s most popular digital networks. Our content touches down at all seven continents and can be found throughout the internet including some of the very top search results on Google. The opportunities this has generated for our super passionate and self-driven team blows our minds and continues to exceed all expectations.

Droid Turf would never be so far along without its small, dedicated family of writers. Over its span of time thus far, Droid Turf has worked with 28 talented writers. All writers fit our culture having demonstrated expertise and consistent willingness to devote time into getting often unpredictable jobs done.

Some writers climbed the mountain faster than others having joined the team with years of experience, and ultimately contributed to the shaping of Droid Turf’s diverse and inspiring culture. Those starting their career path took away a valuable experience of which to carry to new places while working as a student simultaneously. These writers had lasting impacts on Droid Turf and made it better place than that they found it. Droid Turf’s founding roots are traits all our staff members have in common, pure love for Google and the Android ecosystem. In the future, we’d hope to welcome back past contributors with open arms.

You will find listed all past and current contributors on our Meet the Team page. From there, you’ll be able to reach out and connect to learn about the adventures they experienced while working for DT.

Moving in a New Direction

You may have opened this article concerned having read its title and introduction, and indeed things are complex and confusing, but here’s my best shot. Droid Turf is currently re-thinking its short and long-term strategies and will soon undergo a handful of sizable changes. Everything from the site you pull up every day (hopefully!) through senior management and our overall vision is being considered in an upcoming movement. At one point, Droid Turf was considering a sale of all its property to new ownership, but this is no longer on our forecast.

To clear up any confusion, we’re not going anywhere. As we make changes and think about the future and what we can do better, Droid Turf will be at break from news coverage that is normally publicized to the site daily. Standard operations may seem quiet from an outside perspective, but this does not mean behind the scenes action has seized. When we return, it’ll be a fresh and more promising start for us with potential to reach greater heights. We will resume full production with aims of generating more engagement and creating better experiences for returning visitors.

A Message from Our Founder

Doug Demagistris is the Founder and current Editor in Chief of Droid Turf, read more about him and his contributions here.

To every one of you reading this, thank you for all the great memories! Droid Turf went live in June of 2016, but the seeds were planted many months beforehand with hope and desire to grow and do what it would take to be your one stop for anything and everything related Android. Having run day-to-day operations and overseen in and out activity, I never could have predicted all the success, amazing moments, experiences, and fun encounters with all of you. It’s been a roller coaster ride thus far, one that I’ll remember the rest of my life.

July 22, 2018 marks the end of our first chapter. From July 23, we’re turning the page and moving onto bigger things. As Droid Turf grows, so does my appreciation for all the readers we get every day. To better suite our growing, global audience, and become more of a widely-recognized and credible authority, the best decision we can make before moving further down this road is to take a step back from our normal schedules and invest time on the little but important things that make a difference. With sights set on mid-2019, our goal is to make a better community for everybody, and we look forward to sharing a fresh Droid Turf with all of you once we’re back.

What to Expect Next

As you can imagine, we have work cut out, and adjustments will take time to plan and execute. While away, daily output will pause so don’t expect new content on a daily basis. What’s in our pipeline is changing temporarily so don’t be surprised if you see just a few posts each month. These will be occasional write-ups and what they will entail is still up in the air. Plans can always change, but we intend to focus on longer pieces including hands-on reviews, analysis, insight, roundups, guest articles, and tutorials. You can also expect a greater dose of these pieces once we re-open fully. This will be a new strategy to put more emphasis on keeping a diverse library of content types. We’re looking into many possibilities and potential opportunities, and promise to keep you posted on our plans for content as we move along the next few months. As for all existing content, it’s not going anywhere so you’ll be able to browse as normal, but the presentation style may eventually change.

You will also find that some of our series posts and “open participation” events will shut down while Droid Turf is on hiatus. This may include our monthly giveaway, monthly Connect+ live chat sessions, and episodes of Droid Updates Weekly. However, other functions have a better chance to keep running such as our rank for Best Android Smartphones, weekly newsletter and Friday polls. We’re still making decisions so stay patient and be open to changes. When we return, we’d hope that you come back for your daily dose of Android coverage.

As mentioned, content production won’t be the only facet in for a makeover over the next year. Droid Turf is being thought about from the inside-out and will be re-built from the ground up starting with core improvements to SEO, layout design, our online presence, operational management, and a number of site functions that will help guide in sustaining growth. We also have a number of user-friendly focused projects planned, designed to increase site usability.

We’re moving forward meticulously and you can count on us to share updates over the upcoming weeks and/or months reporting on progress we’ve made, new developments, status updates, and release expectations for both the short and long-term future. These changes will lay the ground work for a fresh takeoff into a new direction of possibilities, and we’re excited to see where the new venture will take us.

Stay in Touch

For an inside look at our evolution and upcoming changes, follow us across your favorite social media and consider subscribing to our newsletter mailing list. To learn about our more immediate plans for change, your best bet is to keep checking back at the Droid Turf website where you can anticipate future postings and won’t miss a beat.

We’re open to hearing your feedback and plan to reach out with several opinion polls before making decisions. Our aim in doing so is to gather your input and make you feel like part of the great Android community we have here. Much like Android, Droid Turf is what you make of it and we want to incorporate as much of your feedback as possible. We’re not about being the same as everyone else, we’re about cherishing each other’s opinions and bringing Android fans from around the globe, together, in a community where everyone’s voice can be heard.

To support us and back our development, we’re accepting donations via PayPal here. As much as we love what we do, there are bills that must be paid and every little bit really does help. If you have a tip, we’re still accepting! Go here to learn how to get it displayed. Donations and tips are never expected, but always welcome.

We love hearing from our readers, so never hesitate to send us a message while we’re on standby. Whether we be at home, out and about, or traveling overseas, most of the time you can reach us in some way or another. For sponsorshipbusiness inquires and most other assistance, we’re reachable at the contact information accessible here. We are inboxed a lot so please allow a few days for us to get back. We’ll try our best to accommodate and respond to everyone. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Doug Demagistris is the Founder and current Editor In Chief of Droid Turf. He grew up in New York and now attends Bryant University where he is studying marketing and communication. He has been and always will be a Google enthusiast thanks to Android’s customization, flat design and exceptional integration with various Google services. Currently, Doug uses a Pixel 2 XL as his daily driver for its unique design, powerful hardware, exceptional camera, and stock experience. For shorter instances, he’ll glance at his Huawei Watch. And for more productive work, you’ll find him typing away on his Pixelbook. Doug is hopeful his productivity will make lives easier, more meaningful and help down the road.