Essential confirms Android 8.0 Oreo beta for Essential Phone, you can sideload it now

Android Oreo is present on 0.3% of Android devices according to this month’s distribution numbers, but more manufacturers are taking interest in updating their smartphones and tablets to Google’s newest software. Essential, who promised the update would come to Essential PH-1 during a recent Reddit AMA, now has a beta preview you can sideload to test out its build of Android 8.0.

Few devices have been updated with Android 8.0, but many are in the testing phase including Samsung’s latest models, and now the Essential PH-1. Unfortunately, you’ll need to download and install this beta manually, which can be a bit complex if you’re not already experienced with the ADB flashing process. You’ll need a computer to do this, plus the build file listed as OPM1.170911.130, now available from the company website.

Essential is expected to release more than just this one pre-release of Android 8.0 Oreo before the official update rolls out. Therefore, you should think twice about doing this, taking into consideration that there are bound to be bugs, performance issues and loss in stability. It’s not recommended by Essential nor us to proceed in this process unless you: don’t rely on Essential PH-1 to make things happen, and are familiar with the manual update process.

Essential has included instructions for how to download, sideload, and flash the update on Essential Phone, at its website linked as the source below. Your personal files are said to remain untouched.

Oreo released back in August, so this is a little late to the punch, but considering everyone else is late as well, I guess Essential customers should be happy about the news as it shows the company’s commitment to eventually providing system updates.

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SOURCE [Essential]

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