Facebook brings mobile gaming to its Messenger app


Facebook Messenger now lets you launch and play mobile games with your friends right in your conversations. The latest feature known as ‘Instant Games’ began to roll out on Tuesday and allows users to challenge friends in top titles such like Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, Track & Field, Words With Friends, and several other competitive score-based games. All games can be launched directly from Messenger without having to download or install them first. 

To get started, open a conversation with your friend in the latest version of Messenger and tap on the game controller icon located below where you type a message. Select a title and start playing instantly. Once you finish a round, your score is posted to all members in the conversation who can then try the game out for themselves and challenge you back. Each game includes features such as leaderboards and in-context chat and group conversations to create a fun and competitive experience.facebook_messenger_launch_game
Instant Games is a HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience developed by Facebook for Messenger and Facebook news feed. You can either search for and play games in Messenger or launch them on Facebook news feed and challenge your friends back in Messenger. Facebook’s goal is to create a vibrant gaming community where users can discover, share and play games through posts, recommendations and individual Facebook pages of various titles. A dedicated Instant Games bookmark is available on Facebook where you can view and replay your favorite titles on both platforms. There are 17 titles currently available with many more to be released soon.facebook_messenger_launch_titles
Instant games are currently available in over 30 countries for Android devices (running Lollipop 5.0 or higher) and iPhones (running iOS 8 or higher).

Check out the official videos from Facebook introducing Instant Games for Messenger, directly below.

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