Facebook will now auto-play videos in your stream with audio

Facebook is constantly evolving how we interact with the content that interest’s us. Way back when, the tech giant implemented a feature that made videos in one’s feed play automatically, but silently. Facebook is now taking this feature to the next stage.

With the latest version of the Facebook app, both Android and iOS users must deal with audio when he or she scrolls through their feed of posts. Videos that auto-play once you scroll over them will now play out sound by default. Previously, the video content would play when surfaced over, but not output audio unless clicked. Now, sound will be played, unless your media volume bar is silenced. This could be rather loud or obtrusive, shall you forget your volume’s on and begin to use Facebook in a quiet zone. The company says that auto-playing videos won’t interfere with media playback, shall you be listening to your music library while browsing the app. The good news is, if you test this feature, and don’t like it, there’s a way to mute auto-playing videos from the settings menu. The update also brings support for the big screen. That’s right, Facebook is coming to smart TVs and consoles. Included with this is a new sort of picture-in-picture mode, which allows users to both listen and watch videos as they continue to scroll (as shown above). This has also been noted to work on mobile devices.

Facebook Video for TV is to launch soon on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV. No word has been mentioned on the stance of Android TV support. This is something we’ll surely keep an eye on.

SOURCE [Facebook]

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