FCC officially approves new ‘power-at-a-distance’ wireless charger

Battery tech on electronics including smartphones and tablets is one of the few features left that needs to improve; most of you can probably agree to some extent. For years, companies and start-ups have attempted various ways to ultimately arrive at either substantially faster charging speeds or longer-lasting batteries. This next move is sorta in-between, but will change charging behavior as we currently know it to be.

Last week, the FCC officially approved a ‘power-at-a-distance’ wireless charging technology. This is a new technology being developed by many including Energous and has been rumored for some time. Basically, it allows for wireless charging over-the-air. And as you can imagine, there were quite a few security hurdles to surpass in getting this approved in the US and other populated countries. 

We’ve all been waiting for the day we’d be able to charge our phone without plugging it in. Wireless charging, which launched a few years ago, was the first step in this direction, but still requires us to plug in a pad of some sort to place our phone on in order for power to be transmitted. What if we could just put our phone down on our night table at it’ll start charging? Well, that’s what this story is about, and the technology is surprisingly almost ready.

The FCC has approved this technology by Energous for sale. The WattUp Mid Field transmitter, which makes use of ‘power-at-a-distance,’ refills batteries from 3 feet away and may just be the next innovation in tech we’ve been waiting for.

The WattUp charger can charge multiple devices at a time and will work with a number of devices including modern Android handsets, all the way to keyboards and various headphones. Best of all, it’s manufacturer-agnostic.

How the technology works is very technical, so for that I send you to the source link below where more in-depth information can be found. Keep in mind that only one charger has been approved at this time, and it could still be a while before others figure out how to implement such a technology, safely, into hardware.

Energous has not yet prepared units for sale. The company will tell us more at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, an event that will take place during all of next week. We’re psyched, and you should be too. Drop a comment with any thoughts below this article or learn more in the video embedded below.

SOURCE [Energous]

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