First Android P Developer Preview could land March 14 (Hint: That’s Pi Day!)

Going back to last year, Google announced the first Android O Developer Preview in late March. The purpose was to have developers and certain users test the software ahead of the I/O Developer Conference. The idea was to roll out several beta previews and have an early release in August, which happened, but the goal of having Android manufacturers ready to push updates to their devices wasn’t exactly achieved. According to Evan Blass, Google will follow a similar strategy this year with Android P and introduce the first beta later this month.

Google could be targeting a mid-month release of Android P Developer Preview 1. For those who have Google smartphones like Pixel, Pixel 2 and perhaps recent Nexuses, this could mean that trying out the software and getting a first hands-on experience is just a few weeks away. Commentors on Twitter are claiming the release could coincide with Pi Day on March 14. This would make all the sense in the world, considering Wednesday launches are no stranger for Google. This year’s platform update also begins with the letter ‘P,’ and Pi, well, you get it.

Whether Android P will be named Pie is something only Google knows. Typically we don’t find out the dessert name until the public release, which could be many months away. But maybe this is an early indication? Take your guess in the comments.

In regards to what Android P will bring, details have been scarce up through this point. We heard the interface could get some design changes unlike recent versions of the OS, and Google might also do something more to embrace business customers. We also heard that carriers could become capable of hiding signal strength from view in Android P, and that Google may even adopt a notch.

We’ll see what Google drops on us in a few weeks. If it does end up being the Android P update, hopefully the software will closely resemble what we’ll get in future releases so we have something to test and talk to you about. Anyways, it’ll only be a select number of users who will be able to test the software until the public release happens later in the year.

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SOURCE [Evan Blass on Twitter]

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