First-ever Google smartwatch to make splash this October

On the heels of Google I/O 2018, word has come in regarding the possibility of a Pixel smartwatch by Google. Google is not ready to give up on its Wear OS platform, formerly Android Wear, and a smartwatch of their own might shine some light on it.

The initial report came from Evan Blass, who tweeted about a Pixel smartwatch launch later this year. Blass could be referring to the expected Made By Google hardware event where we’re also expecting to get Pixel 3 smartphones with Android P in addition to a mid-range Pixel for emerging markets. In recent years, Google has held this event near the beginning of October.

With Google having made moves to benefit its hardware business over the last year, the search giant might be gearing up for something truly special this fall including three Pixel 3 smartphones and a first-ever Google branded smartwatch. Nexus is clearly no more, so Pixel will be the brand used for the smartwatch that is nothing more than a rumor for right now. It’s likely Google wants to perfect this before announcing it publicly and was waiting for the Wear OS transition to settle into place.

With a Pixel smartwatch, Pixel 3 smartphones, a possible Pixel TV, and a bunch of Google accessories due for upgrades, the Made By Google family could have a busy fall season. Evan Blass even claims that second-generation Pixel Buds are coming. Last year’s Google Assistant enabled ear buds were a disappointment, and in 2018, the company might provide a revamp.

In regard to the watch, expect nothing less than the latest version of Wear OS with the name change and new features. Meaning that it could be first to run the stable version. As of right now, we don’t have information on pricing, design or if there will be any more models of it.

Having lost support on my OG Huawei Watch, I’m looking for a smartwatch that could be its replacement. Failure won’t be an option for Google this time around, that is if Wear OS is to live on for another year. In launching a Pixel watch, Google will surely demonstrate some of the best features of the OS, and perhaps some new ones too, only to spark some discussion and get Android OEMs interested again.

Count me in.

SOURCE [Evan Blass on Twitter]

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