This could be our first look at HTC U12+

HTC is yet to announce its flagship smartphone for 2018. Last year, the HTC U 11 sparked some hype after a long drought, and the company’s strategy for this year has been to focus more, on less. We’re actually seeing this approach by a number of Android OEMs who have experienced continued struggles. We’re waiting to see if the extra time will pay off for HTC and now we have a look at what could be the company’s next phone, the one most of us have been waiting for.

HTC U12 as leaked by Verizon or HTC U12+, we don’t know which it will be, we may even get both. But, one of these models has leaked in the flesh showcasing its super shiny, mirror-like rear design. This looks a bit different from past HTC phones, but we’ll trust the company and say it’s better in some way. It will catch a few eyes for sure, especially if it comes in more colors, but is bound to show all your fingerprints. We don’t know if this is the final design, but just about everything is exposed for us to inspect.

If the leaked photos are of the actual HTC U12 device code-named ‘Imagine,’ we’re looking at a premium device. It seems HTC will follow suite with the competition while also staying true to who it is. Emerging smartphone trends like the taller but narrower 18:9 aspect ratio in addition to slim bezels and a display notch are all here. As you know, HTC and Android OEMs are not the only ones embracing the notch, Google’s Android P software overhaul even adopts it and lets users tinker with different notch styles. Perhaps we’ll get an option to disable it if we want to.

Also worth mentioning is the camera set up. Both the front and rear sides have a dual-camera combo. These could be improved over the last generation to stay in line with what other Android OEMs have been able to put out. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the exterior, right where we’re accustomed to having it. We also have microSD, a bottom-firing speaker (hopefully with Boomsound), a USB Type-C port for charging, and the lack there of a standard headphone jack. Again, if you’re familiar with last year’s variants, these are no surprises, it’s really the overall design including the simplified front and rear metal plate that’s different.

We’ve been expecting the phone ever since MWC 2018 and signs point towards late May or early June. It could have Android 8.1 Oreo pre-loaded and will need to have all the latest hardware specs to stay at the forefront of Android alternatives. Then all we need are some software enhancements like Edge Sense, a price most of us can afford, and more availability options than the HTC U11+ had so many will have the opportunity to buy the phone once it releases. We can anticipate more information over the next few weeks. HTC fans, what do you think?

SOURCE [HTC Taiwan on Facebook]
VIA [Phone Arena

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