Fitbit announces bundle of upgrades for its Ionic and Versa watches

Last year, Fitbit introduced the Ionic smartwatch in hope to take away some market share from rivals. The watch was a hit among a lot of consumers, so much so that the company carved a niche of its own for smartwatches aimed at fitness. Just over a month ago, the all-new Fitbit Versa went up for sale alongside the already available Ionic watch. Today, both these watches are getting some updates.

In 2016, Fitbit acquired Pebble for resources that would help the company produce smartwatches. Since then, the company has come a long way having released two successful smartwatches, but their software still needs to improve. Fitbit OS is the company’s software for smartwatches and comes installed on Ionic and Versa. The platform is a little incomplete, but this week some updates are being pushed out to combat this.

Included in the latest version is support for clock faces, which are essentially the ‘watch faces’ we see on Google’s Wear OS platform. Timepiece owners can choose from a variety of these, and the library will grow with time thanks to third-part support. Also new are a slew of health apps to help users improve and stay up to date on their health condition. From what I can tell, these look much better than any I’ve tried on Wear OS.

Some of the new health apps and clock faces include Dexcom, Diplomat Pharmacy, Fitabase, Go365, Limeade, One Drop, Sickweather, and Walgreens. This is just a start, and each of these can be installed on the Ionic or Versa smartwatches. Some are available today and others will make a splash this summer in time for the warm weather. You can learn more at the source link below.

SOURCE [Fitbit]

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