It’s flagship season alright; HTC U12+ will make a splash on May 23

LG G7 ThinQ has come out, this week we have Google I/O 2018, next week we have OnePlus 6, and the following Wednesday it appears we’ll get the ‘Imagine’ HTC U12+. Over on Twitter, HTC put out a teaser for an event to happen on May 23, and we think we know what the company is bringing. This lines up with earlier reports claiming the device would launch in May.

Judging from HTC’s tweet and prior word from the company, we expect a flagship smartphone to debut on May 23 at a private event. HTC says it will “be a phone that is more than the sum of its specs” and shows a picture of a bunch of smartphone internals in a teaser image. It’s not a lot to go on about, but at least we know we’re getting something after may previously thought no such smartphone was coming.

It’s smartphone season, clearly, and HTC will be the latest to unveil its flagship Android smartphone to compete in 2018. There’s only expected to be one “flagship” from the company this year, and it will be the successor to the HTC U 11 from last year that was a substantial upgrade and comeback phone over its predecessor. The company’s mobile division has continued to struggle and HTC’s new strategy of releasing less phones this year might be to consume costs, and spending on R&D and marketing.

We’re getting new high-end phones left and right, and it’s going to be a busy season testing them all. But, that’s what Android is all about– options. We knew an HTC event would be coming, and the company might not be all that happy that everyone else decided to launch smartphones in their month of May. The market is getting more and more crowded with options that look very much alike, so it’ll be interesting to see what HTC does to separate itself apart from the rest.

The device will be named wither HTC U12 or HTC U12+. There have been a few leaks up through this point, but nothing has been confirmed. Expect most of today’s high-end hardware specs, near stock Android and a refreshed design that adopts modern trends in the market. Given what we’ve seen thus far in 2018, are you interested in a new smartphone from HTC? What do you want to see? Personally, I’m hoping for some US availability and a solid price; that’d be a nice start.

We can anticipate more information over the next few weeks.

SOURCE [HTC on Twitter]

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