Free audiobook awaits some Google Home speaker owners

Google is pushing up the ante a bit in promoting the new Google Play Books section in its Play Store. Previously offered audiobooks now have their own space in Google Play Books and are audio versions of books. Amazon’s Audible has been the premier go-to audiobook marketplace for some time now, but the search engine is looking for a piece of the action.

To celebrate, Google is offering 50% off an audiobook to just about everyone. Now, there appears to be a new deal exclusive to some Google Home owners who are getting an entirely free audiobook. To be clear, not all Google Home speaker owners are receiving the free audiobook, only some it appears are receiving an email containing the free coupon. If you’ve been given the offer, it’s valid only until February 9, so you don’t have that long to claim it. Keep in mind, any Google Home smart speaker can read audiobooks aloud to you via voice command over the Google Assistant. Cool, huh?

The offer is pretty much a no-brainer from a marketing standpoint as it showcases another ability of Google’s smart speaker collection that makes learning from books easy and hassle-free. When there’s competition, the customers usually win. So let’s hope this venture from Google catches on.

SOURCE [Android and Me]

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