Galaxy Note 8: Reasons to upgrade

The Galaxy Note 8 is Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Note device, a chance to make a new start after last fall’s double recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The phone was announced earlier today during Unpacked 17 at an event in New York City that was livestreamed online. There’s bound to be some hesitation regarding the new device because of the battery fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7, so it’s understandable that buyers would want to have reasons to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

The first reason to upgrade to the new Galaxy Note 8 is the abrupt end of the Galaxy Note 7. Yes, I realize that the Galaxy Note 7’s dual recall situation does not inspire confidence in Samsung products, but it is also the case that the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco was an unusual event and shouldn’t be treated as standard regarding the Korean giant. Think of all the prior Galaxy Note devices that were crafted well, with excellent batteries, that performed well and did everything you needed and wanted.

The Galaxy Note 8 stands in the same vein as those devices and can be the device to help buyers “get over” the Galaxy Note 7’s performance flaws. Samsung has added an 8-point battery safety check to its phone requirements, and the safety of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are more than adequate enough to inspire confidence in the Galaxy Note 8. Companies, like individuals, need renewed and restored confidence when they fall; Samsung is no different.

Next, buyers should upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8 because of the upgraded S Pen. Galaxy Note phones are found in the hands of loyal Galaxy Note buyers, and Samsung makes new S Pen features a part of the attractiveness of the new Galaxy Note device each year. The Galaxy Note 8 has many new features including full sentence translation and currency conversion, which make the pen more “intelligent.” Since the device is called the Galaxy Note, the S Pen and its new functionality is part of the draw of this handset.

The lack of worldwide access to the Galaxy Note Fan Edition should motivate buyers in places such as the US to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note Fan Edition has been on sale for a little over a month now, but the US has banned the device because, despite its new marketing label “Note Fan Edition”, the device is still the Galaxy Note 7 in disguise. What this means is that, should Galaxy Note 5 fans get anxious to upgrade to Samsung’s next stylus-enabled device, the Galaxy Note 8 is it.

Samsung is making new ground with the Galaxy Note 8 in terms of specifications, which is yet another reason to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 8. There’s the 6.3-inch display with a Quad HD+ (2,960 x 1,440p) screen resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. For Samsung, this 6.3-inch display is the first on a flagship for the Korean giant (not counting the Galaxy Mega, which wasn’t a flagship device) and the 18.5:9 aspect ratio is new territory for the Galaxy Note series.

Then, there’s 6GB of RAM and a dual 12MP rear camera combo, the dual rear cameras being a first for Samsung while the 6GB of RAM is a spec carryover from the Galaxy C9 Pro. The fingerprint sensor has now been severed from the home button, and has been placed on the back cover of the Galaxy Note 8. This is a first for the Galaxy Note series, as the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 had a physical home button on the device’s front beneath the display as well as capacitive keys that have now been replaced by software navigation buttons.

Built-in AKG Harman audio is a first too, in that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have AKG earphones as in-box accessories but no built-in, noise-cancelling audio. The Galaxy Note 8 is also the first smartphone in Samsung’s lineup to have AKG audio, not just a new in-house audio chip.

One of the main reasons to upgrade each year concerns the new specs and features of the device in question, but the Galaxy Note 8 has more than specs going for it; it is the first Galaxy Note to “rise from the ashes” of the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco, and gives Galaxy Note fans a chance to make a fresh start. Of course, the price tag may be a major turnoff about the device, but, there are bound to be some of you who find the device worth its value.


Check out the upgrades and enhancements Samsung has made on Galaxy Note 8 as well the reasons why Galaxy Note users love their Note in the infographics throughout this post. Check them out for yourself and let us know if you’ll be upgrading in the comments below.

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