Galaxy Note 8 will receive Android Oreo in 2-3 weeks

As you know, Samsung is not the fastest when it comes to Android updates. Rather, the company’s focus is more about giving you the best hardware up-front. But, in a rare exchange over the weekend, the South Korean giant confirmed when we’ll see Android Oreo.

Galaxy S8 smartphones have been receiving Android Oreo left and right, but the Galaxy Note 8 has seen a whole lot of nothing other than security patches. Many inquired regarding the Oreo update for Galaxy Note 8 and we’re not surprised given how long it has been and the fact it released after Galaxy S8. Since Galaxy S9 just came out, it has been pre-loaded with the software as well as Samsung’s new Experience UI.

Now that a build of Android Oreo has been created, more Galaxy devices are expected to receive the treatment. One of those devices will be the Galaxy Note 8. Despite many thinking the wait would be a while, Samsung confirmed that the update will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. This includes the unlocked model as well as all US carrier variants. It does not sound like a safe bet, but we’ll take Samsung’s word for it and hopefully they’ll deliver.

In a community post, Samsung went on to discuss why it has not yet updated any of its US unlocked smartphones. The company also spoke about what happened at first with getting Galaxy S8 owners their update. If you remember, there was a recall even after so much time, but the roll out started up again shortly afterward. Hopefully Samsung learned its lesson and this won’t happen with Galaxy Note 8.

Some Android OEM’s are updating straight to Android 8.1, but this won’t be the case for Galaxy Note 8 handsets which will get Android 8.0. Considering Android P is already in alpha form for testing by manufacturers and developers, Samsung might want to start updating those devices that came out in the last two years. Skipping right to Android 8.1 would probably be a smart idea as well since time is moving fast and Android P is only a few months away.

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SOURCE [Samsung]

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