GeForce Now will allow NVIDIA Shield owners to play PC games

Unlike most Android boxes, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV still gets all the latest features thanks to continued support even after years. Because of this, it has retained much of its original value. Recently, NVIDIA announced GeForce Now. The service will work with Android TV set-top boxes made by NVIDIA such as the Shield TV. If you own this device, prepare to be amazed at what’s coming.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is about to get even better with a new feature that will allow users to stream PC games. This follows suite with industry moves. GeForce Now will include 225 PC games that will have streaming support at launch said to be “soon.” It will replace the old $8 GeForce service, which only let users play games they purchased independently on PC. On the new service, SHIELD owners can buy games directly through their SHIELD TV so it’s not necessary to have a PC for access to Steam or other gaming services. Users will be able to download any of the compatible games and store them in the cloud rather than take up space on their device.

GeForce Now is currently in the testing phase and costs nothing to try out. Once it becomes available to the masses via an app, it’ll come with a monthly cost presumably higher than $8. SHIELD TV owners can sign up at the link below to learn more and test drive the upcoming service. The gaming experience is sure to be a bit different, but since you’re streaming, the way you play is unchanged. The selection of games will include popular titles, and expand with time. If you’re a SHIELD TV owner, let us know your thoughts down below. Will you be among those using GeForce Now once it releases?

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