Gmail is being updated with gestures on Android

For the second time in a few months, Google is pushing an app update out to Gmail that brings new features. Gmail is arguably the best choice for managing email on the go, and with new features constantly being added to improve the user experience, it’s widening its lead over competing email clients.

Following the much-needed cross-platform design makeover in April, there’s a new update for Gmail. Google has been rolling out app updates left and right and the Android version of Gmail is getting the latest update first containing new gestures. Gestures allow users to make swipes and other movements to take certain actions on an email, and they’re customizable from settings under ‘swipe actions.’ Users can swipe left or right on an email to carry out an action such as ‘delete.’ Some of the gestures aren’t new and others you may have noticed in Google’s Inbox application. With features moving to Gmail from Inbox, many think Inbox will soon be abandoned, though nothing has been confirmed.

When the latest update arrives on your Android device, gestures will be turned off by default so you’ll have to enable them. There are a bunch to choose from and some are really useful. Options include Archive, Mark as read/unread, Move to, and the newly added Snooze function. Since you only swipe left or right on an email and not up or down, two can be selected at a time.

The update might be server-side, so make sure you have the latest version installed to increase your odds of landing the feature. Right now, it appears to be a slow roll out, and other devices haven’t begun receiving the new gestures at all yet. I have them on my Pixel 2 XL as we speak and am super glad Google brought these to Gmail as they’ll help users be more productive and save time. Stay put and you should have them in a few days. Keep us posted in the comments.

SOURCE [Android Police]

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