Google Allo is now available for web!

In 2016, Google launched Allo, a messenger client designed to be consumer-friendly. The hype was real, but once Allo creeped up to a million downloads, users began to flee to other apps due to the service’s inability to sync across devices. Today, Allo is getting a big update that adds web syncing!

Google built Allo for phones, that’s why the app pairs with your phone number to work as opposed to a Google account like on Hangouts and many other Google services. Up until now, the messaging service has been limited to only smartphones, and because of this, more and more users have lost interest in Allo. Today, many are bound to hop back on the Allo train because web is now supported!

We’ve been hearing rumblings about Allo web support and multi-device syncing for quite some time now, and all finally appears to be ready for the prime time. Support for web was first spotted in the Allo mobile app, where a new banner began showing itself to some users with instructions on how to set up Google Allo for web. The messaging platform is now working on web, and all you must do is install the app here if you don’t already have it, login with your phone number, and scan a QR code at to begin syncing your phone messages with desktop.

Since all is down through a browser and not a web app or software program, each PC and Mac will be compatible. We haven’t tested every browser, but you can count on at least Chrome and a few other popular ones. As of right now, Android pairing is working, but iPhone pairing is “coming soon.” We’ll continue investigating and let you know if we find anything else new and exciting. Feel free to use the comments if you find something.

Detailed instructions can be seen here in Google’s support pages.

Hit the link in brackets below to get started.

[Google Allo for Web]

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