The Google Allo web client might soon work independently of your phone

Google updated a handful of apps and services last week, but Allo was one that received no treatment. However, it might soon with an improved web client supporting standalone messaging similar to Apple iMessage.

According to a Google employee, Google is working on allowing the Allo web client to work without a phone needing to be nearby. The Allo web client came out last Summer, but didn’t turn as many heads Google hoped it would. A future update allowing users to message over Allo without their phone from their desktop would surely attract many users back to the platform.

Let’s just all admit it. We want Allo to be similar to Hangouts, end of story. Cross platform messaging that “just works” is something we’ve always desired in the Android Ecosystem. Google has released a bevy of messaging services on Android, but all are good for different things, and not a single one has given us everything we’ve wanted in a single service. This explains why users have not migrated to Allo despite it being the best at what it does.

Such a move by Google would bring Allo into the cloud, despite the platform’s tie-in with your phone’s SMS. It remains to be heard how this will be done having no phone connected. We don’t expect Allo to incorporate Google Account sign-in, as this differentiates the platform from Hangouts and other Google services. Right now, I use Hangouts, but if Allo allows me to message people cross-platform with no tether, I’d definitely consider switching. How about you? Perhaps we’ll learn more in May.

SOURCE [Justin Uberti on Twitter]

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