Google and PayPal announce collaboration allowing integration with Android Pay

Google and PayPal have both announced a collaboration to allow Android Pay customers to add their PayPal accounts as a payment option within the Android Pay application and service. Google’s blog on the subject explained the option would be arriving for American customers in the next few weeks.

The collaboration efforts aren’t currently live and we don’t have the precise timing details or how exactly the new arrangement will work, but this is exciting news for anybody who has used PayPal for a number of years and recently adopted Android Pay.

Some of the questions yet to be answered include if it will be possible to set up an Android Pay account with only PayPal as the payment method, or if it will be possible to use PayPal as the default method. This could provide much greater access to paying for products and services using PayPal than is currently available in person. It should also simplify how to pay for things when online or using applications because of how Android Pay can work on the device or using websites.

The update should be great for both Google and PayPal as it will expand the number of locations where customers can use their cell phones and smartwatches to pay for things. Google has been promoting Android Pay via a variety of methods, such as discounts with Uber. The collaboration is only arriving in the U.S. initially, but hopefully Google and PayPal are working on a similar system for other regions around the world.

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